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My Inside Beauty Matters Most

mmlifestyle Oct 22, 2020

I absolutely love the above words from Matthew McConaughey, it resonates with me personally and our Motivate Me core values reflect this.  We are committed to removing the labels that echo within many female minds and push to empower, as a community to live our lives happy, healthy and confidently.   

Our genes,  we cannot control.  However, our inner beauty is within our control.  Making peace with the way we look, embracing ourselves for who we are so we step confidently into this world,  is something that is high on our radar at here at Motivate Me. 

There is so much comparison and judgement in the world towards ourselves and others when looks don’t matter in the long run at all, so much so it is a shame that they play such a part. 

We’ve all seen the social media around body love, how we need to love all of ourselves, those curves, the jiggly bits and those little back rolls that we focus negatively on, and it’s hard but it is time to take that deeper look at ourselves and start noticing the precious parts of us that make us unique.   Can you create a master list of your beautiful qualities and not include anything pertaining to your outside layer?

Honestly, there will always be people that have been blessed by the gene pool, the athletic pool, have you ever given thought that some of those “blessed” people would rather be known for other things, achievements they have had overlooked due to their outer appearance.

Our inner beauty is just as attractive, if not more so, as our outer layer.  Our outer appearance as we age will fade, however, what we bring to the world as individuals, our own uniqueness from within our beautiful souls, will not.  

I challenge you to stand in front of a mirror, look at your reflection, accept it, the good bits, the niggly bits, appreciate them all and then take the time to look deeper, even close your eyes and think about the beautiful qualities that make you, you, really focus on these positive qualities and let your glow shine through.  xx


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