Just move your body

Sadly, many of us don’t get enough exercise.  Life is busy, we spend a lot of time trying to squeeze everything into our days and exercise is often left to tomorrow.

Often if we just gave ourselves 30 minutes daily to move our bodies we would benefit not only physically but also mentally.  Exercise makes you feel better. It releases endorphins and lots of feel good chemicals...

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Wholemeal Bread made easy

During lock-down I came across this recipe of a No-Knead Wholemeal Bread from our local bakery, Pembroke Patisserie and I absolutely love it.
First up, it makes 2 loaves (big loaves) which for a family of boys is spectacular!! And they love it. It has no nasties, you can’t go wrong with flour, water, pinch of salt and a dash of golden syrup.  I use my hands to mix this...
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