$25.00 NZD For Australian Residents only

The aim of this event is to Move Your Body for 24 days in December for 45 minutes each day.

This is a virtual event and each day you tally up your minutes and record to track your progress or use a fitness tracker and upload in the closed group MMVirutalDecember21 on the Motivate Me website.

We  would love you to share your progress on facebook.com/motivateme or instagram.com/motivateme.nz and use the tag #mmvirtualDecember, there will be spot prizes as we love to celebrate effort and success.

This event is something you can do from home, your neighbourhood, your holiday spot, the gym etc.

The only restriction we ask is that the daily/activity minutes that you log needs be separate from your daily steps from everyday movement around work or home.


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Motivate Me Virtual December Challenge - Move Your Body

We know for some of your life isn't anywhere near normal at the moment and these challenges help you get through the daily grind but in the same token the same, same all the time can get repetitive.

Now, given its December we also need to have some fun and games along the way as well so we will be having 24 days of Christmas happening as well with giveaways, games and laughs, so make sure you join the closed group to participate 🎄🎅🎁

  1. Move Your Body Challenge

We challenge you to move your body each day for 45 minutes for 24 days which equates to 1080 minutes...that sounds quite impressive right? It can be walking, running, swimming, cycling, rowing, bootcamp, strength and cardio whatever you choose if you exercise and move your body for 45 minutes. This is an accountability challenge at its finest, as for some of the activities you chose recording it can be difficult. So, it relies on your honesty and remember at the end of the day you are only cheating on yourself, but what an achievement it will be hitting the target 🎯

And of course, challenging work deserves a certificate and hardware.   

Registration fee covers the cost of your Medal and postage.  

The Move your Body Challenge 

Registration fee is $25 for Australian Residents.

We would love you to share your progress with everyone, please upload your photos and your progress on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages - facebook.com/motivateme.nz instagram.com/motivateme.nz/ and use the #mmvirtualDecember 

Community means everything to us and nothing makes us happier than seeing you set and achieve goals. Do not miss out register today and lets goooo. 

MK xx