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Motivate Me is a community of women who want to discover how they can be a healthy, happy, well rounded person from the inside out.

As we have said before, MK have been there done that….surfing the internet for hours looking for information that in reality contradicts itself immensely, putting ourselves last on the list as family and work comes first every day, been too exhausted by day end to exercise or too many nights we grab the easiest and definitely not the healthiest option for dinner.   We have compared ourselves, judged ourselves and felt inadequate and overwhelmed, failed expectations.  Sound all to familiar? As Wonder Woman, we do tend to forget what our bodies require to be everyone and everything for our families.

So, we took action and we did the courses, the research and we will always continue to up-skill ourselves on all things wellness so we can share and support you.  We focused on getting healthy from the inside out, not on what we looked like in the mirror.  This enables us to be strong, committed, and strive every day to be the best we can, so we have the tools to share and support this community to enable you to find what works for you and help you to achieve what you need and want for your body.



This community is your accountability board, so you can make a commitment to yourself and others, that you are worth it.

This community of amazing beings will have your back, if you are having a tough day, we are all here, for advice, tips and most of all support.  If you are on fire, no one is going to be prouder of you than this team!

Really at the end of it all, the question has to can you not join us and be part of this amazing community?  Come on join in on the fun.


We are real women. We pull each other up when we are down through sheer passion, grit and determination. We push ourselves to thrive whilst tackling the challenges of life together.



We provide the tools, environment, and space for you to discover who you are, and live life to the fullest with passion.





We are about connecting with people, being part of a positive team, and always having someone to hang out with online or in person to push you one step further. We are about being the best you can be, all while fitting in with your daily life.

MM Community Membership

$120 First Year

Besides belonging to an awesome community that will inspire, motivate and challenge you to become even more amazing than you are now, you will also have the following opportunities

  • Exclusive access 24/7 to our online community
  • As a welcome to the community, you will receive 2 Motivate Me Member only products
  • Purchase exclusive "Motivate Me Member only" merchandise
  • Our legendary girls’ weekends will have your core muscles sore from laughing, the hugs will make you feel warm and welcome and you will wonder why you weren’t here earlier, oh and you’ll definitely be asking, when is the next one

  • Motivate Me Bootcamp with Broni via Zoom, there is to better way to start the day, she will make you sweat with a smile
  • Member Discounts on Motivate Me Merchandise, Coaching Programmes, Wellness weekends and Retreats
  • Discounts to some of our favourite retailers
  • Planned catch-ups, walks, coffee and friendship
  • Yearly renewal is $69.00

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