Wellness with MK

The journey starts here.  Cementing solid foundations, building lifelong tools, creating a wellness capsule.  Wellness with MK is your starting point, building a tight relationship that will connect us together while we help and support your wellness growth.

Wellness with MK offer opportunities with programmes for all....individuals, group, in-person and online.

Introducing Maree 

The M of Wellness with MK.  As an IIN Heath Coach Maree loves the philosophy around eating a whole food eating plan, incorporating daily movement into each day and is committed to a daily gratitude journal.  After a childhood of being tall and slim with a nickname of skinny min growing up, weight was never an issue.  Fast forward to the adult years after children, weight ballooned and thus started the merry go round of weighing and diets.  Realising the impact on her young daughters, the realisation came that this wasn't the life cycle of health for herself nor the health of young growing teens.  Maree has a special interest in working with Mothers and Daughters, supporting, encouraging and providing the tools to navigate the young years through to a fulfilled healthy adult life.

Introducing Kim

The K of Wellness with MK.  For many years the health industry fascinated Kim.  The workings of the human body and it's cells, living a life by nourishing the body with good whole foods cooked from scratch, filled with daily movement and less stress beckoned. 

Kim has special interest in supporting and working with clients that have Autoimmune conditions.  Kim herself has Hashimoto's.  Autoimmune conditions continue to grow and effect millions of people with more than 80 different types of autoimmune conditions and Kim takes a direct interest in helping autoimmune clients become empowered patients, informed patients and enjoys guiding them toward living a happy healthy whole life. 

Online Workshops and Programmes

We have created a variety of online workshops and programmes that range from one day to six week programmes covering all aspects of health and wellness.

Included will be access to a secure portal, downloadable resources, zoom conversations, a dedicated online group for you and other attendees to discuss and support each other.

Workshop/Programmes available

Six Month Wellness Coaching Programme

We start with a 60 minute consultation and discussion to enable you to ensure we are the right fit for you to take you on this journey before you commit to six months coaching.

From there we will embark on a journey of exploring your current health and lifestyle and progress to your ultimate your health and lifestyle goals.

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